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New York State Association of Fire & Lifesafety Educators

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NY-SAFE Past Presidents

1987 to Present



                     1987 – 1989  Danial Dunn

                     1989 – 1992  Eileen Magin

                     1992 – 1994 Thomas McGory

                     1994 – 1996 Gerry Wheller

                     1996 – 1997 Michael Ryan

                     1997 – 2000 Steve Yaciuk

                     2000 – 2002 Arlene Jahelka

                     2002 – 2005 John Brown  

                     2005 – 2006 Task Force

                     2006 – 2007 Thomas Vernam

                     2007 – 2009 Timothy Boel 

                     2009 – 2012 Lisa Shellman     

                     2012-2015 Tom Burns

                     Current President Bob Reed

NYSAFE Past Presidents report;                                                       June 10 2015

To all members,

This is both my last report as president and my first report as a Past President. The last 3 years have been both rewarding and also somewhat disappointing. We have been able to continue getting new members however we still are having problems filling some of our Director positions and I ask for all our members to work towards this goal. We are in need of 3 directors at the present time, Central District, Southern and South Eastern District anyone who is interest in any of these positions please contact Secretary Lisa Shellman or President Bob Reed. We are also in need of a web site administrator, as most of you are aware Tim Boel is leaving his position effective July 1st 2015 I want to thank Tim for all his hard work and dedication.


 On May 21st Director Frank Fiato and I traveled to the Oriskany State Training facility for the Joint Council Meeting, we toured the facility and met briefly because of time constraints. The meeting was suspended and will be taken up again at the State Chiefs Conference Thursday June 18th at The new Fire Fighter 1 class will be one of the major topics. There has been much discussion on the additional hours and also the lack of enough time to properly get the material covered each class session as well as unit tests after each class.

The long awaited Home Safety Insurance legislation was passed in 2016, and S6406c was signed into law.  The follow up is in the hands of the State Financial Services Property Casualty Division for action.  As soon as courses are submitted for approval, we should start to see forward progress.


We have made arrangement for a booth at the State Chief Convention at Turning Stone Resorts June 17 thru 21 2015 our Booth # 3161, is located on the main floor right by the State Chiefs booth. Anyone who is planning to attend I urge you to stop at the booth and say hello .We also need help manning the booth as we will only have limited help from Lisa and Rick because of their commitments to State Chiefs.

This year we will again have a raffle which has 2 prizes the first is: a 911 electric Fire Chiefs car and a bag of small items. Tickets are 5.00 ea. or 3 for 10.00.  The second is a # Red Badge of Courage Statue which stands about 12-14” tall. Tickets will be 2.00 each or 3 for 5.00 we will award the prizes at noon on Saturday June 20th. Winners do not have to be present.

Both of these items were donated to NYSAFE by a long time member who hopes they will benefit other Pub Ed programs, please support this great cause.

A special thanks to Secretary Lisa Shellman, she was able to get a 100.00 gift certificate from Alertall which we donated to a deserving Pub-Ed program at the annual conference in May.

As my term as president comes to end I want to take a moment to thank everyone for all the help and guidance you the Executive Board, the Board of Directors and all the members of NYSAFE.I have appreciated all you help and support. Over the past 3 year we have attained many of our goals. We have however have not been able to accomplish the most important one that is getting new members. I am sure that our President Reed and all Directors and Executive officers will be working just as hard, I urge all members to support them. NYSAFE has many friends around the state and I believe that we will continue to do so. I will continue to be a part of this great organization by representing NYSAFE at the Joint Council meetings and in any other way I can.





Tom Burns Past President.

NYSAFE, 102 Merideth Ave, Nedrow, NY 13120

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