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New York State Association of Fire & Lifesafety Educators

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Annual Meeting Minutes of the Association


NY-SAFE Annual meeting 2015

The annual meeting of NY-SAFE was called to order by President Tom Burns at 5:20 at the Fire Academy in Montour Falls.

President Burns led the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence.

Present were: President Tom Burns, VP Bob Reed Rich Frasco Rick Nemier Lisa Shellman Tim Thomas Tim Boel Frank Fiato

Tom Welcomed past presidents Eileen Magin and Danny Dunn also joining us was Brian Mc Queen of FASNY.

Motion to accept the minutes from the spring meeting as read made by Tim Boel seconed by Tim Thomas. Motion passed.

There was no correspondence since all had been dealt with the previous month.

There were no bills associated with this meeting.

We welcomed new members from the Phoenix fire dept.

All director reports were attached to the spring meeting minutes and there was no new reports from the directors at this time. Tom Burns made a motion that the reports be accepted as posted seconded by Rick Nemier motion passed.

Presidents report: on file.

Conference: the booth will be at Turning Stone for State Chiefs. Since Lisa and Rick are also on the pub ed committee for State Chiefs more help will be needed to man our booth. The booth will be next to state chiefs booth to make it easier to keep an eye on things.

Motion to accept Treasurers report as presented made by Tim Boel seconded by Frank Fiato motion passed.

Membership report is on file. No changes since the spring meeting.

Web Site: Tim reported that the web site has had over 1400 hit over the last year. The hit increase just prior to the Pub Ed conference. Once again directors need to update their site often. Tim also explained that he will only do this until July then someone else will have to take over.

By-law change; Due to the fact that Rick and Lisa are on the state chiefs committee and the board for NY-SAFE  it was proposed that we look into  the annual meeting be moved to another day during the conference.  Nothing was decided.

Vice President report: Bob Reed thanks Tom Burns for all of his hard work and dedication to NY-SAFE and asked him to remain with the joint council that meets every other month.  Tom agreed to continue to be our represnitive.

Election of officers:

President Bob Reed motion made for the secretary to cast one ballot for president was made by Frank Fiato seconded by Danny Dunn motion passed

Vice President Rich Frasco motion made for the secretary to cast one ballot for VP was made by Bob Reed seconded by Danny Dunn motion pasted.

West Central Jerry Wheeler motion for the secretary to cast one ballot for wc director was made by Danny Dunn seconded by Rick Nemier motion passed.

Hudson Valley Rich Frasco motion for the secretary to cast one ballot for HV made by Tim Thomas seconded by Danny Dunn motion passed.

Treasurer Rick Nemier motion was made that the secretary cast one ballot for Treasurer was made by Frank Fiato seconded by Rich Frasco motion passed

Secretary: Lisa Shellman motion that the president cast one ballot for Secretary was made by Rich Frasco seconded by Rick Nemier motion passed.

West: Al Horung motion for the secretary to cast one ballot for west director was made by Tim Boel seconded Bob Reed motion passed.

Motion to close the election made by Tim Thomas seconded by Frank Fiato motion passed.

Oath of office was given by Past President Eileen Magin.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Eileen Magin seconded by Tim Thomas

Motion passed


Respectfully submitted Lisa Shellman Secretary NY-SAFE


Spring meeting NY-SAFE 2015


The spring meeting of NY-SAFE was called to order by president Tom Burns after the pledge of allegiance to the flag at 9:05 am

Those in attendance were

Tom Burns

Frank Fiato

Bob Reed

Rick Nemier

Bob Reineke

Rich Frasco

Tim Thomas

Lisa Shellman


A motion was made to accept the minutes as written by Tom Burns seconded by Tim Thomas motion passed.

A motion to pay all bills associated with this meeting was made by Tom Burns seconded by Tim Thomas motion passed.

There was no guest speaker as he was called in to Albany.


President report: attached with the added items; we are going to reach out to the members in the southern district to see if any one there would be willing or interested in being a director. Bob Reineke will forward email address to the Secretary and Lisa will reach out to them.

Tom also expressed his thanks to the members and to the board for the support he received during his term as President.



Vice President: Not a lot going on but he has been in contact with Al. Al has been doing a lot of teaching. Bob has been helping Jerry reach out to Senators for support of the legislation and has had one join as co sponsor.

Bob thanked Tom for his levelheaded low key approach to things and hopes that Tom and Frank will continue to attend joint council meeting. Bob is looking to add operation edith back to the web site and is asking that everyone update your part of the web site.


Jerry wheeler: report attached. With one added item Jerry has been writing articles for the local AARP newsletter.  He is also asking people to once again call senators/assemblyman for support of the bill. Panipino as been added as a co sponsor.

Frank: report attached with added item that he is concerned with the increase of hours in Fire Fighter 1 class.


Al: via phone call: he has been lots of programs in his area and he is continuing to reach out to fire coordinators in his area. NY-SAFE wishes him well on his upcoming surgery.


Rich; report attached

Tim Thomas: working on some spring safety tips to be shared.


Bob Reineke: Membership: 186 current members also see attached report. Motion by Tim Thomas to accept membership report as presented seconded by Frank Fiato motion passed.

Web Site; once we sorted out the two sites.. Tim Boel will be retiring soon. Until then he is willing to help on a limited basis. However it is up to all of use to update our own pages.

By Laws: there were no proposed bylaw changes.


Old Business: none

No new business;

Good of the order: we will be having a raffle again this year. Tom Burns has donated a electric car that he won for us to raffle off. He also donated a limited edition statue to be raffled off at Pub Ed. Tickets will be 5.00each for the car and that will be raffled off at State Chiefs in June. The statue tickets will be 2.00 each or 3/5.00. Lisa will get tickets printed and Tom will make up some posters from the pictures Rick took.


Elections; the following have been presented as the slate of officers for 2015/2016

President: Bob Reed

Vice President: Rich Frasco

West central: Jerry Wheeler

West: Al Hornang

Hudson Valley: Rich Frasco..until a replacement can be found.

Treasurer: Rick Nemier

Secretary Lisa Shellman

Motion to accept slate of officers was made by Frank Fiato seconded by Rick Nemier motion passed elections will be May 2nd at the annual meeting at the Pub Ed conference.

Motion to adjourn made by Frank Fiato seconded by Tim Thomas

Motion passed 11:20 am


Respectfully Submitted

Lisa Shellman, Secretary.

Boardroom meeting


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